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Property Management Team
Maria Elena Lopez LLC has been a DC in multifamily property management of our success is our people.
Our executive team possesses an unparalleled wealth of experience, depth of subject knowledge and professional discipline and is thoroughly dedicated to providing timely, practical and innovative solutions to successfully address any real estate challenge.
Property Management Service
With the Property Management Service we will:
• Perform monthly rent collection
• Provide monthly Owners Statement
• Provide 24/7 emergency service
• Take all maintenance requests
• Take all tenant calls and answer tenant’s questions
• Perform property inspections, including move in, pre-move out, move out,
And all other property inspections
• Send (or serve) all required notices
• Perform regular comparable market analysis on property to assure maximum
rent amount
• Perform evictions
• Coordinate with home warranty companies (if applicable)
• Make bill payments (upon request)
• Coordinate with service professionals (Gardener, pool service, maintenance
men, etc.) And when necessary provide them access to the Premises
• Prepare property for leasing
• Coordinate access with tenants for repair work and property showings
Property Management
The Maria Elena Lopez LLC!
Customized and exceptional service
24/7 maintenance hotline and repairs
7 day a week property showings
Team members have professional Property Management designation
Aggressive marketing techniques
Timely and responsive communications
Pro-active maintenance
Weekly owner reports
Accurate and timely owner distributions and statements
Thorough property inspections
Enforcement of lease agreements
Frequent Owner and Resident surveys to measure service satisfaction
Maria Elena Lopez LLC was founded on the Principle of “Service Beyond Expectations”. This founding Principle extends to every aspect of property management and leasing and into our extensive community involvement. As one of the leading property management firms in the Bay Area, we have earned an excellent reputation for providing professional cost-effective property management services.
From single-family homes to extensive multi-unit apartment complexes, your income properties are important assets that deserve the best management. The experienced Advent Properties, Inc. team works hard to retain tenants, maximize your rents, control expenses, enforce your leases and proactively maintain your property. Our long-term relationships with reputable local vendors provide you with efficient quality work at affordable prices. Reliable and unparalleled service to you and your properties is our top priority. With personalized consultation, timely communications, and attention to detail, the result is an ownership experience that is stress free.
Experience the “Maria Elena Lopez LLC” today. Call us to schedule a consultation with our staff! Contact us at 20-882-0935 or email to discuss how we can increase your net operating income, quickly lease out your vacant units, and proactively manage your important residential income properties.
Review of all lease files to make sure current forms are used to limit liability on the owner.
Monthly Rent Collection/Deposit.
Monthly Statement of income and expenses.
Handle all Tenant phone calls for repairs/complaints.
Schedule/supervise all maintenance of the property.
Schedule inspections of each unit every six months.
Rigid enforcement of Federal, State, Local laws as they pertain to the Tenant.
Strict enforcement/adherence of the Lease Agreement.
Frequent site visits to make sure property is running smoothly.
Management services as requested.
Add on Services:
EvictionGuard (SM), a new service from Maria Elena Loperz LLC, is a low-cost way for Owners of rental properties to minimize exposure to attorney’s fees in the event that an eviction is unavoidable due to the Tenant’s non-payment of rent. Please contact us for further details!
Property Lease-Up*
Detailed customized write-up of property, i.e., surrounding area, neighborhood & amenities, unit and lease/contact details.
Customized Rental Standards.
Customized House Rules.
Research of Rental Market for Competitive Pricing.
Custom pictures / posting of pictures on various web based rental services sites.
Posting of property details on various web based rental services sites.
Field all email and phone calls in regards to property questions/showings.
Availability from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm 7 days a week to professionally show the property to potential tenants (Four Leasing Agents to show properties quickly).
Thorough Professional Cleaning of the Unit (additional cost of $35 per hour).
Screen potential Tenant(s), Fico Score, Credit Report, Court Record Search (for any Unlawful Detainers).
Professional signing of lease, 9 to 11 mandatory disclosure statements, copy and explain CC&R’s.
Thorough explanation to the tenant of owners expectations/house rules.
*Customizable management plans to meet each owner’s needs.
Commercial and Residential Property Management
Full Service Property Management
Our Routine Property Management Services & Basic Property Management Fees generally include:
Personalized bank account. Collection of rents into a bank account specifically opened for you. All clients are signatory on their own checking and saving accounts. We do not use a trust account for regular property management clients: A client's money is always in their separate bank account.
Timely payment of fees such as property taxes, insurance and debt service based upon cash flow.
Timely payment of all vendor service invoices based upon your cash flow.
Owner distributions monthly, quarterly, semiannually or on any schedule set by you.
Complete double-entry accounting services (not merely bookkeeping), using GAAP (generally accepted accounting practices or principles).
Preparation of GAAP financial statements: balance sheet, income and expense statement, aged payables and receivables, deposit reporting, and vendor payment list or check register, based upon cash or accrual accounting methods, whichever is appropriate for you.
Monthly reconciliation of all owner bank accounts.
Monthly property management reporting including a rent roll, security deposits, and vacant units.
End of Year reports for your CPA.
Vendor referrals.
Coordination of routine building and unit maintenance and repair.
Routine tenant relations and correspondence.
Use of all LPG custom forms at no additional charge.
Reasonable modifications of LPG forms at no additional charge.
Lease preparation and move-in. (May be additional charge.)
Monthly site visit or drive-by visit.
Additional Fee-for-Services Include
Asset management functions (e.g. loan and insurance procurement).
Complex resident problems.
Coordination of legal case or matters.
Insurance claim processing.
Rent Board Petitions, preparation or representation.
Rent Board Appeals.
Complete payroll services and employee oversight, when required.
Vendor 1099 reporting, when required.
Residential Lease Renewals with Federally mandated annual lead notice & documentation of same.
Annual Rental Increase Audits, Rental Charge Account Reconciliation, Security Deposit Interest Payment Audits.
Sub tenancy documentation (to protect future rights to unlimited increases at turnover) and sub tenant application processing.
Emergency site visits and repair work oversight and coordination.
3rd Party vendor work, Repairs and maintenance (such as locksmith, plumbing, painting, electrical, etc.).
Janitorial services.
Coordination of contractor improvements (contract RFP, bids, negotiation, documentation, review and standardized contract addendum for Owner’s protection are included).
Building renovation contractor oversight and management.
Insurance claim processing and coordination of insurance repair work.
Quarterly and Annual property inspections with contractor.
Annual unit inspection.
Annual vender insurance confirmation and documentation.
Leasing of rental unit when no resident manager in place.
Pre-move-out inspection(s) when requested by resident.
Marketing Support and Social Media promotion of vacant units.
Vacation back-up of on site employees.
Any items not included in Routine Property Management Services.
Set-Up Charges
Residential Set-up Charges
02-10 units = $ 750
11-20 units = $1000
21-30 units = $1500
31-40 units = $2500
41-50 units = $3500
051-075 units = $4,500
076-100 units = $5,000
101-150 units = $6,500
151-300 units = $7,000
301-500 units = $10,000
$25 per vendor (includes insurance verification)
Commercial Set-up Charges
$25 to $100 per tenant
$25 per vendor (includes insurance verification)
Monthly Minimums
First Building - $300
Second Building - $185
Min. Monthly per Residential Unit - $75-$100 per unit or percentage of collected rent, whichever is greater
Min. Monthly per Commercial Unit/Suite - $100 per tenant
Min. Monthly per Commercial Sq. Ft - $0.10 per square foot
Commercial or Industrial Property - Typically 3-5%
Residential Property: 2-4 Unit Property - $125 per unit or Typically 6%
Residential Property: 5-15 Unit Property - $110 per unit or Typically 5.5%
Residential Property: 16-99 Unit Property - $95 per unit or Typically 5.25%
Residential Property: 100 or More Unit Property - $85 per unit or Typically 5%
Single Family Home - $250 or Typically 10%
Leasing Services
Leasing services are provided and charged for when there is no on-site manager;
No leasing fee is charged when there is an on site manager. A fee to reimburse the company for marketing and advertising support services, as well as the costs related to professional lease documentation and review are charged. However, these charges are always less than the cost of a leasing commission, thereby saving the owner money.
Lightner Property Group uses top services to research current rental rates and do a unit analysis for each unit that is marketed by Lightner Property Group. This ensures that rental rates that are set are both aggressive, yet feasible.
At Maria Elena Lopez LLC General Contracting our Construction and Project Management Division handles assignments ranging from routine capital items to major construction projects. Due to our national reach and volume of construction projects, relationships with material suppliers as well as national and local vendors are leveraged to provide the most cost-efficient pricing on all projects. We leverage this network of construction professionals to control and coordinate with trusted subcontractors to ensure that each project is completed in a quality manner, on time and within budget.
What We Offer
Project management from budget development and pre-construction through project closeout, including vendor selection, coordination of material procurement, negotiation and administration of construction contracts
Value engineering solutions to maximize return on investment
Project-specific forensic investigation and preparation of specific design-and-scope of work documents and bid packages, for items such as:
Building facade, roof, window system, cladding, flashing and exterior coating repairs and replacement
Concrete and asphalt repairs and replacement, landscaping repairs and replacement, fencing, and drainage collection systems
Site amenities such as swimming pools and recreational facilities
Mobilization of emergency responses to fire, flood and hurricane damage. Coordinate all repairs and reconstruction efforts to minimize negative impact to property operations and income. Coordinate all environmental clean up such as lead and asbestos-containing materials in compliance with federal and local regulations
Coordination of site-specific surveys for energy efficiency, lighting, water, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, automation and consumption management, with the goal towards revenue enhancement
Coordination of site-specific code compliance surveys such as asbestos and lead abatement O&M manuals and compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements
Yardi, real-time, web-based property management tailored to meet clients’ reporting requirements
Accounting/Cost Control so each client receives a clear and realistic schedule of anticipated expenditures and bank draws
Maria Elena Loperz LLC clients enjoy expert investment analysis services. Our professional teams analyze the condition of owners' assets through exterior, common area and interior unit inspections. We provide lease audits; financial audits; and coordination of all third-party environmental, engineering and other consultants. Our inspections also include evaluation of compliance with American Disabilities Act requirements.
Fact Finding – conducting interviews with existing on-site staff about ongoing or past problems, collecting the history of any type of work or maintenance, and reviewing available service and work order records for the past 12 months
Physical Inspection – inspecting building exteriors and common areas using professionals Construction Management Division
New Construction – reviewing all warranties, performing an inspection and compiling a list of all punch-list items covered under warranty
Violations - contacting local fire marshal and building department code enforcement and compiling any outstanding building code or life safety violations
Specialty Consultants - engaging, coordinating, and managing the activities of outside specialty consultants
Detailed Unit Inspection – physically inspecting 100% of units
Lease File Audit – auditing 100% of leases and comparing to the rent-roll
Pro Forma Budget – preparing a detailed year-one operating budget, based on comparable properties and the specific property inspection findings of Operations Team; preparing comprehensive budget estimates for each identified condition, including immediate needs, short-, medium-, and long-term capital, and scheduled maintenance expenditure by Construction Management Team
Market Survey – performing a detailed market survey of all properties in the competitive set, overseen by Operations and Marketing teams
Comprehensive Due Diligence Report – preparing a complete report, including all sub-reports and findings, in both an electronic and bound format
Due Diligence Team – utilizing in-house due diligence team, which is specially trained and experienced to handle these assignments on short notice
What We Do
Maria Elena Lopez LLC provides multifamily property management services for approximately 30,000 units in major markets across the United States. We are primarily contracted by institutional owners, lenders and special servicers and manage all levels of apartment communities.
Maria Elena Lopez LLC and the senior management team have developed a strong client list and relationships with many institutional owners, asset managers and financial institutions.
Our diverse management skills allow us to manage class-A high-rise buildings to smaller Class-C garden-style communities and everything in between. Our experienced and professional teams ensure that your assets are in the best of hands.
We have the capabilities to manage multiple types of assets, including:
Student Living
Senior Living
REO / Receivership
Maria Elena Lopez LLC has developed a sophisticated National Operating Platform to assist our multi-family property management activities. This platform includes features such as advanced systems, programs, reporting functionality and utilizing high tech tools from the best vendors in the industry. Our operating platform, combined with our hands-on, entrepreneurial and locally relevant approach to real estate management allows us to deliver the best quality service to our clients.
Full Service and Support:
I. T.
Business Analytics
Learning and Development
Human Resources
Risk Management
Construction and Project Management Services
Legal Services
We Specialize in the Management of:
Single-family homes
Apartment buildings's of all sizes
Leasing Only Services
All of our leasing agents are licensed
We aggressively market your property on multiple websites
We personally show your property until it is rented
We run credit, criminal, and background checks on potential tenants
We draft and execute the leases with the tenants
We collect all monies in certified funds prior to giving the tenant possession
We do an extensive walk through with the tenants and take pictures
Full Property Management
Our full service management is a comprehensive service, starting from the leasing and screening of tenants to financial record keeping and bill paying. We make owning your property simple and only require you to read your monthly statement and receive your monthly check. In addition to all of the services described above in the "Leasing Only Services" we also provide these additional services to our full management clients:
Monthly Rent Collection (Tenants can pay rent online)
Property Supervision and Frequent Inspection (one of our Property Managers is certified to perform the city/county yearly rental inspections
Serve tenant notices (3 Day Pay or Quit, Change of Terms, Violation, etc.)
Management of any maintenance issues that arise of you property
On call 24 hours a day for maintenance emergencies
Payment of property bills (HOA's, Mortgages, Insurance, Etc.)
Rents deposited directly into your account every month
Monthly and year end statements provided online
Vendor supervision (Pool, Landscaping, Etc.)
Our technicians are available for"Anything, Anywhere, Anytime". One of the reasons we are able to live by this promise to our clients is because, as a company, we hold our own contractors license. This means we have immediate access to our technicians and their availability and can deploy them wherever our priority is. On any given day, our technicians may be replacing a window in the morning and in the afternoon snaking out a plumbing problem. We also have a broad list of vendors for every type of maintenance request.
Due to the wide-ranging requirements for the maintenance of any facility, our technicians must be diversified not only in their trade skills, but also in their people and communication skills. Our maintenance and repair division operates in not only a response mode, but we also provide our customers with proactive services. One of the ways we reach out to our clients to remind them of proactive services is through our monthly Newsletter, which is filled with new and insightful information every month for each division in our company (not to mention monthly discounts for our readers!)
When a tenant sends in a maintenance request, we send out a vendor for that issue as soon as possible. We strive to have the maintenance work performed within 24 hours of the call. For emergencies, each property manager has an emergency cell phone that is always operating. All of our property managers can be reached 24 hours a day, weekends and holidays included. If the tenant causes the issue, for example a backed up toilet due to a child's toy, the tenant would be charged for that bill. In addition, if there are vendors that an owner would rather use, we would be more than happy to accommodate those requests.
Our maintenance staff will help you every step of the way.
Account Access for Owners:
As your asset manager, it is our job to ensure your bottom line is protected. Burmaster Real Estate offers our owners a full accounting online portfolio of their investments and rental properties in an environmentally clean way. With our property management software system, we run a virtually paperless office!
This innovative system allows owners to log in to their "portals" and view their accounts (think of online banking for the property management account!). The information contained in your portal will ensure that you, the owner, have complete visibility into, and control over the financial performance of your property. The following items are available to our owners within their personal portals:
Update contact information
Real-time threaded conversations with property managers (along with email alerts)
View and approve work orders
View bills and attached invoices
Access owner statements (current and past)
Make electronic contributions to the portfolio balance
Run real time reports
Access shared documents (ie ten ants leases, addendums, etc)
Rental Income:
Tenants may pay rent via US postal mail, via online account or by walking into the office (rent is due on the 1st of each month and late after the 5th). Owners may receive funds by US postal mail or via direct deposit. Owner funds are dispersed between the 15th and 25th of each month. Owners receive a 1099 form at the end of each year for tax preparation.
One of the best features of Property Ware is just as owners can transfer money into their portfolio balance electronically, Property Ware allows US to transfer money into owners bank accounts! No more waiting to receive checks, then waiting for checks to clear at the bank - we can automatically deposit funds into selected accounts!
Our reports are sent out monthly (preferably via e-mail) to our owners between the 10th and the 25th of every month. Reports include cash flow, expense report and owner statements. We are also able to include rent rolls, vacancy reports, delinquency reports, and pretty much any other report you could possibly want! Our goal at Burmaster Real Estate is to service every one of our owners needs as their management company and to provide top notch customer service
At the end of each year, we publish a year-end statement. Our current Property Management clients find our accounting practices to be very convenient and our statement easy to read and understand.
Our accounting department is available to answer any accounting question you may have about any income or expense related question.
Burmaster Real Estate has several types of free advertising methods. Our company website located at has an up to date vacancy list at all times and receives the majority of our traffic on rental inquiries. All vacant properties are placed on additional advertising websites, such as,, and Craigslist. org,, SNR Classifieds, plus many, many more. Signage is placed in front of all vacant properties to generate interest. Also, our office traffic receives a high volume of inquiries regarding available properties in the rental market. We prefer to advertise in the Penny Saver or Sac Bee for a small charge by running weekly ads for vacant properties if properties are having a harder time being filled. We try and help each and every person find what he or she desires. We take full advantage of our large client base and excellent reputation, as word of mouth is one of the best advertising tools available
Tenant Screening
The following is the tenant screening process:
The process begins after the tenant turns in an application to rent.
Credit history
Criminal background check
Income verification
Rental history
Prior eviction actions
We recommends a one-year lease on all properties. However, we do provide service which best meets the owners needs. If an owner would rather secure a 6-month or a month-to-month lease, we are more than happy to accommodate this request. The reasoning behind a year lease being signed is to avoid turning a unit and have a renter move out two months later and have to turn the unit over again. We ask for an equal value amount of a deposit on each property. Deposit amounts are negotiable on a case by case basis.
Here are some of the specific duties a property manager must perform:
1. establish the rental schedule that will bring the highest yield consistent with good economics.
2. merchandise the space and collect the rent.
3. create and supervise maintenance schedules and repairs.
4. if applicable, insure independent contractor license status and insurance coverage.
5. set up payroll system for all employees.
6. develop a tenant/resident relations policy.
7. supervise employees and develop employee policies, including an Injury Prevention Plan.
8. maintain proper records and make regular reports to the owner.
9. qualify and investigate a prospective tenant’s credit.
10. prepare and execute leases.
11. obtain decorating specifications and secure estimates.
12. hire, instruct, and maintain satisfactory personnel to staff the building(s).
13. audit and pay bills.
14. advertise and publicize vacancies through selected media and broker lists.
15. recommend alterations and modernization as the market dictates.
16. inspect vacant space frequently.
17. keep abreast of the times and competitive market conditions.
18. obtain and pay insurance premiums and taxes.
19. be knowledgeable about and comply with applicable Federal, State and local laws.
Rent Schedule
In establishing the rental schedule, the property manager must make a thorough neighborhood analysis by doing
a market survey of rents for comparable buildings. Rent levels, generally, are established on the basis of
scarcity and comparability of values. The manager must know the building thoroughly, assess its values
objectively, then survey all of the “competition” buildings in whatever limits the manager sets for the
neighborhood. The manager must then analyze:
1. the character of the buildings and amenities of the neighborhood.
2. economic level, family size, and age groups.
3. trends in number of occupants per unit.
4. availability of transportation, recreation, shopping, churches, and schools.
5. impact of available on-site recreational facilities including parking spaces.
6. the breadth and growth of local industries.
7. population growth trends.
8. personal income range, financial capacity, and stability of income.
9. growth and expansion of the community.
10. condition of the housing market in terms of inventory on the market, sales price range, new construction,
and vacancy.

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